1. intellect, intellectual or mental faculty or powers, cognitive function; psyche, ego, subconscious, Psychoanal. the conscious, Metaphys.I, Philos. self; soul, spirit, inner being, inner man, psychic or spiritual being.
2. genius, intellectual, mental giant, thinker, Inf. brain, Inf.Einstein, All Inf. wizard, wiz, whiz.
3. intelligence, intellectuality, mentality, mental aptitude or capacity or capability or ability; cognitive ability, ability to comprehend or understand, percipience, insight, apperception, perception; brainpower, braininess, brains, brain, cerebrum, wit, parts, Inf. gray matter, Sl. smarts, Gk. Philos. nous; head, good head on one's shoulders, Inf. noggin, Inf. noodle; cleverness, wittiness, quickness, esprit.
4. sanity, saneness, soundness of mind, presence of mind, senses, wits, Sl. marbles; rationality, reason, sense of reason, logical or ratiocinative powers, judgment, common sense.
5. disposition, temperament, temper, nature, humor, grain, vein, cast; inclination, tendency, turn, bent, leaning, proneness, proclivity, propensity.
6. sentiment, feeling, affection, partiality, partialness, bias, liking; belief, credence, conviction, persuasion, thought, faith; opinion, view, viewpoint, position, attitude, impression.
7. notion, idea, whim, fancy, temptation; urge, itch, desire, willingness, will; intention, intent, aim, purpose, design.
8. bear or keep in mind
remember, retain, don't forget, hold; be mindful of, take cognizance of.
9. cross one’s mind
occur to one, enter one's head, come to one; enter one's thoughts, come into one's consciousness.
10. know one’s own mind
be resolute or resolved, be decisive, be decided, be certain, be definite or absolute, be absolutely certain, be firm or fixed; be self-assured, understand or be in touch with oneself, have assurance or confidence, be self-confident, be poised.
11. make up one’s mind
decide, come to or reach a decision, resolve, conclude; draw a conclusion, settle on, form an opinion; Inf. fish or cut bait, choose, pick or pick out, select.
12. meeting of minds
agreement, mutual understanding, concurrence; accord, accordance, concord, concordance, harmony; consensus, unanimity, unison.
13. presence of mind
rationality, rationalness, sanity, saneness; intelligence, wits about oneself, control, quickness.
14. put in mind
remind, recall, call up, take one back to [s.t.]; suggest, connote, bring up, allude to.
15. to one’s mind
in one's opinion, according to one's way of thinking, the way one looks at [s.t.], to one's view or viewpoint, to one's thinking, in one's judgment, in one's estimation.
16. thoughts, thinking, consciousness, whole being; attention, eye, ear.
17. attend to, pay attention to, give one's attention to, turn one's attention to, advert to, pay a mind to, fix or set one's mind on; notice, take notice of, note, take note of, mark; watch, see, observe, regard, perceive; heed, pay heed to, listen to, hear, give ear to; obey, follow, abide by, practice, hold by, adhere to, respect.
18. attend, tend to, watch, watch over, look after, keep an eye on or out for; take care of, care for, sit, babysit.
19. guard, be on guard, be alert, be careful or cautious about, be wary or guarded, watch out, stop, look and listen; think about or over, think twice about, consider, weigh, censor.
20. care, care about [s.t.], care one way or the other, feel concern about; object to, disapprove of, look askance at, condemn; have any objection to, feel inconvenienced or annoyed by, get disturbed by, be offended by; dislike, disrelish, have no taste for, disdain, turn up one's nose at, have an aversion to, detest, loathe, abhor, despise, hate; eschew, avoid, steer clear of, refuse to touch with a 10-foot pole; shun, shy away from, recoil from, shrink from, shudder at.
21. never mind
disregard [s.t.], pay no attention to [s.t.], strike or cancel [s.t.] from one's mind, forget it; don't give [s.t.] a thought or think twice about it, don't bother.

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